Alice is The Economist's Wall Street correspondent, covering a range of topics about banking and the financial system in America. She is also the co-host of Money Talks, The Economist's podcast on the economy, business and the world of finance. She is based in New York and Washington, D.C.

In 2019 she won the "Young Journalist of the Year" award from the Wincott Foundation for her work on quantitative investing and technology in finance. She was nominated for the Wincott "Journalist of the Year" in 2021 for her work on digital money and decentralised finance. In October 2021 she issued an image of the cover of The Economist as a non-fungible token, which The Economist auctioned off for charity. It sold for $420,000 and the net proceeds were donated to The Economist Education Foundation, an independent charity.

Alice joined The Economist in 2018 on an internship sponsored by the Marjorie Deane Foundation, where she is now a trustee. Prior to that she worked in Singapore as an Economist for a large European investment bank. She also worked as a foreign exchange spot and derivatives sales trader in London. Alice graduated from Pembroke College at the University of Cambridge, where she studied Economics.